“This Site Is Secure”

July 8, 2016

There is a widespread awareness that security is an issue for web applications. Consult the FAQ page of a typical application, and you will be reassured that it is in fact secure.

Most applications state that they are secure because they use SSL. For example:

This site is absolutely secure. It has been designed to use 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to prevent unauthorized users from viewing any of your information.

You may use this site with peace of mind that your data is safe with us. Users are often urged to verify the site’s certifi cate, admire the advanced cryptographic protocols in use, and, on this basis, trust it with their personal information.

Increasingly, organizations also cite their compliance with Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards to reassure users that they are secure. For example: We take security very seriously. Our web site is scanned daily to ensure that we remain PCI compliant and safe from hackers. You can see the date of the latest scan on the logo below, and you are guaranteed that our web site is safe to use.

In fact, the majority of web applications are insecure, despite the widespread usage of SSL technology and the adoption of regular PCI scanning. The authors of this book have tested hundreds of web applications in recent years. percentage of applications tested during 2007 and 2011 were found to be affected by some common categories of vulnerability:

  • Broken authentication (62%) — This category of vulnerability encom passes various defects within the application’s login mechanism, which may enable an attacker to guess weak passwords, launch a brute-force attack, or bypass the login.
  • Broken access controls (71%) — This involves cases where the application fails to properly protect access to its data and functionality, potentially enabling an attacker to view other users’ sensitive data held on the server or carry out privileged actions.
  • SQL injection (32%) — This vulnerability enables an attacker to submit crafted input to interfere with the application’s interaction with back-end databases. An attacker may be able to retrieve arbitrary data from the application, interfere with its logic, or execute commands on the database server itself.
  • Cross-site scripting (94%) — This vulnerability enables an attacker to target other users of the application, potentially gaining access to their data, performing unauthorized actions on their behalf, or carrying out other attacks against them.
  • Information leakage (78%) — This involves cases where an application divulges sensitive information that is of use to an attacker in developing an assault against the application, through defective error handling or other behavior.
  • Cross-site request forgery (92%) — This flaw means that application users can be induced to perform unintended actions on the application within their user context and privilege level. The vulnerability allows a malicious web site visited by the victim user to interact with the applica tion to perform actions that the user did not intend.

This Site Is Secure

SSL is an excellent technology that protects the confi dentiality and integrity of data in transit between the user’s browser and the web server. It helps defend against eavesdroppers, and it can provide assurance to the user of the identity of the web server he is dealing with. But it does not stop attacks that directly target the server or client components of an application, as most successful attacks do. Specifi cally, it does not prevent any of the vulnerabilities just listed, or many others that can render an application critically exposed to attack. Regardless of whether they use SSL, most web applications still contain security flaws.


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